Dinner- Feast

Travelers Fare

Beef Stew


Coffee/Tea with all the sides

Oats w/dried fruit

Apple Pancakes  

Hard Boiled Egg

Feast Stewards: aka: the Escargatory...well part of it.
Sebastian Dekker (Scott McGee)
Jehanette de Lille (Julie Rider)
David Archer (David Hofmann)
Augustine von Kleve (Sergio Roca)

High German Feast (Festessen) (4 courses in the Glass Feast Hall)- $12    ---------------Limited to 60 people


First Course-

Mixed Field Greens w/Pomegranite Seeds

Seasoned Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs-


Second Course-

Beer Cheese Dip

Semmel Roll


Third Course-

Chicken Basil Tomato Sausage (Contains Pork)



Fourth Course-

Swinebraten, Roast Pork

 Cooked Onion Salad


Fifth Course-

 Pear Cream Tart

Cherries Stewed in Wine 

Simpler German Pub Dinner (Abendbrot) (1 hearty course in Feast hall off of kitchen. Come in sit down)- $7


Beer Cheese Dip

Semmel Roll

Swinebraten,Roast Pork

Cooked Onion Salad

Pear Cream Tart 

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