Reservations is now open!

Reservation Steward:

Honorable Lady Caitriona inghean Fionnguala
mka: Jayne Gibeault


  • 4369 NE 18th Trail Trenton FL 32693

  • 561-891-1554 (no calls after 10pm or really early in the morning)

Mistress Eva inghean Alaxandair  -

Site Fee:
Daytrip: $25
One Night:$30
Two Nights:$35

Members receive a $5 discount

Lodging: (first come/first served basis)
Cabin Lower bed: $20
Cabin Upper bed: $15
Lodge Lower bed: $25
Lodge Upper bed:$20

Feast: (please see Feast page for menu)
Friday's Travelers Fare, Breakfast and Fessitivus Feast in the evening: $12
Friday's Travelers Fare, Breakfast and Abenbrot Feast in the evening: $7
Lunch will be a fund raiser: $5

How can I pay?

1)PayPal and Cards Accepted (when we open)!  <----Click to pay online
2) Mail a check. Reservationist's address is posted above.
  • Children under 12 are free
  • No families charged more than three adult fares.
  • Please make checks payable to “SCA – Kingdom of Trimaris” and print driver's license number on check. Checks will be cashed upon receipt.
  • All reservations must be post marked by March 24th to allow time for delivery and processing.
3) At the door with cash, check or credit card but in order to have feast/bed space held for you,please choose #1 or #2 above.