Full Schedule

TimeEvent Location
Friday March 31st, 2017
2:00 PM Merchant check in and setup opensMerchants Row
4:00 PM Gate and Reservations Open to the Public
5:00 PM Merchants open for businessMerchants Row
Archery Range Set-up Archery Range
Thrown Weapons Range Set-upThrown Weapons Range
7:00 PM DeliciousTraveller’s Fare availableFeast Hall
8:00 PM Court BusinessRoyal Cabin
9:00 PM Royal Court of Ari and SibillaGymnasium
Friday Night BardicBardic Pavilion
10:00 PM Merchants close Merchants Row
Curfew: children 12 & under
Saturday April 1st, 2017
1:00 AM Curfew: children 13-17
Gate & Reservations Close
7:00 AMMerchants may open for businessMerchants Row
Gate & Reservations Open
Site Herald’s wake-up calls
8:00 AM Fabulous Breakfast served for those with Saturday FeastFeast Hall
Equestrian check in for coronation courtEquestrian lyst field
8:30 AM Newcomers classGymnasium- back wall
9:00 AM Last Court of Ari and SibillaGymnasium
Merchant registration closesMerchants Row
9:30 AM Children's morning activites begin (through 12:00pm)Screened Porch
10:00 AM Coronation Court of Danial and EnnelynneRapier Lyst Field
Immediately After CourtClass: Armored Combat Marshal 101Chivalric Lyst Field
11:00 AM Armor Inspection for Champion Trimaris Chivalric TourneyChivalric Lyst Field
Armor Inspection for Defender of the Queen’s Heart Rapier TourneyRapier Lyst Field
Archery Range OpensArchery Range
Thrown Weapons Range OpensThrown Weapons Range
Rapier Marshal Meeting Rapier Lyst Field
Class: Introduction to SCA Dancing - English Country DancingBardic Pavilion
Class: Heraldry 101Feast Hall
Class: Canvaswork in PeriodFeast Hall
Scribe's Point opensScribe's Point
Herald's Point opensHerald's Point
11:30 AM Champion Trimaris Chivalric Tourney Chivalric Lyst Field
Champion of Trimaris format: Standard bear pit. 2-4 pits if needed. 1 point for entering the pit, 2 points for winning.
Defender of the Queen’s Heart Rapier Tourney Rapier Lyst Field
Youth Laureatte Competition Outside Screened porch by large tree
12:00 PM Fund Raiser LunchScreened porch
Maestra Mirriam d' Hawke fighting her prizeRapier Lyst Field
Troubedour Laureatte Competition Outside Screened porch by large tree
Youth Activities Begin
Class: Beginners BlackworkFeast Hall
Class: Introduction to SCA Dancing - Gangham Style Bardic Pavilion
12:30 PM Order of Defense/Rose Chapel
Chiv training sessionChivalric Lyst Field
Exchequer Class (1 hr)Feast Hall
Seneschal meeting (30 Minutes)Glass hall
1:00 PM King’s Huntsman Archery TournamentArchery Range
Herald's meeting (30 min)Glass Hall
Children's afternoon activities begin (until 4:30)Outside Screened porch under large tree
Class: Intermediate BlackworkFeast Hall
Class: Learn to fake the BodharanBardic Pavilion
1:30 PM Order of ChivalryChapel
Equestrian TouramentEquestrian lyst field
2:00 PM Youth Champion Lyst Field
Registration/Troll closesRegistration
Class: Heralds Warranting Class 1Feast Hall
Class: 17th Century Elizabethan SonnetsFeast Hall
Class: Introduction to SCA Dancing - Dance Pick-ups Bardic Pavilion
Class: Skills, Strategies and Tactics in SCA Armored Combat Archery: A Short PerspectiveArchery Range
2:30 PM Order of the LaurelChapel
2:30-2:40Art/Sci Meeting (yes, in the Laurel's meeting)Chapel
2:45 PM Hospitallier Meeting (15 minutes)Glass Hall
3:00 PM Hospitaller Warranting Class (1 hr)Feast Hall
Chronicler's meeting (30 minutes)Glass Hall
Class:SCA Dancing: More - English Country DancingBardic Pavillion
Class: Heralds Warranting Class 2Feast Hall
Class: Basket Making WorkshopScreened Porch
Court Card Box ClosesHerald's Point
3:30 PM Ranger's MeetingArchery Range
Order of the PelicanChapel
4:00 PM Exchequer Meeting (30 minutes)Glass Hall
Herald's Point ClosesHerald's Point
Scribe's Point ClosesScribe's Point
Class: Italian Dance Bardic Pavilion
Class: Heralds Warranting Class 3Feast Hall
Class: Entering Kingdom Art-Sci – A Formulaic Approach for the First Timer or Developing ScholarFeast Hall
Class: Melee TacticsLyst field
4:30 PM Setup for FeastGlass Hall and Feast Hall
Court SetupGymnasium
Archery Range ClosesArchery Range
Thrown Weapons Range ClosesThrown Weapons Range
5:00 PM Court BusinessRoyal Cabin
Equestrian MeetingEquestrian lyst field
5:30 PM Pre-Court EntertainmentGymnasium
6:00 PM Royal Court of TRM Danial and EnnelynneGymnasium
7:00 PM FeastGlass Hall and Feast Hall
9:00 PM Biergarten Party and BallLarge area in the middle of Lodges
9:30 PM Bardic Opening Ceremony Bardic Pavilion
9:50 PM Merchants closeMerchants Row
10:00 PM Curfew for Children 12 & Under
Bardic CircleBardic Pavillion
Gate and Reservations Open
Site Herald's Wake-Up Calls
Sunday April 2nd, 2017
1:00 AM Curfew for children 13-17
8:00 AM Site Herald Wake-up Calls
Kingdom Financial Committee Meeting (public welcome) Feast Hall/ Kitchen
9:00 AM Kingdom Officer's Meeting (Public Welcome)Feast Hall/ Kitchen
11:00 AM Site closes