TriQuell- Annual cabin purchase


The Kingdom Seneschal informed us at the last event (Kingdom Officers meeting, lots of great info, please attend) that we would be staying at Camp La Llanada for the entire calendar year of 2017. With this news of a stable camp site comes the chance to have stable quarters for a good portion of the populace. We will be able to rent you a bedspace/cabin for the 4 events at one time.

We will be opening Lodges 3,4,5,6,7 (have refrigerators and stoves) and cabins B,E,F,G,J, 8, 9,(just beds and bathrooms) for the whole year/whole cabins(lodges).

Lodge 1,2,10 and Cabin A C,D, & I will stay for single people who want to rent for the whole year OR people on an event by event basis. 
We will maintain dedicated spaces for those that need to pay on an event-by-event basis.

Please indicate in the "Notes" section which Lodge/Cabin you desire to purchase and we will try and accommodate. Put a second option in case the first has been taken

Annually per bed:
Lodge bottom bunk: $100
Lodge top bunk:$80
Cabin bottom bunk: $80
Cabin top bunk:$60

You will be able to pay for it via paypal Online only due to timestamps. ( starting at 9:00am on Sunday January 15th. 
You will be invoiced for the beds only if you are paying for the whole year under the event "Tri-Quell for beds".

If you want to pay for site fees and feast at Spring Coronation, you will need to indicate this in the Notes section and you will get another invoice.

***This is a highly competitive thing. It is on a first come/first served basis. Whom ever requests the space first that is available, will receive it. No preferential treatment. 
No, we cannot be bribed. :) ***

Please email us at if you have questions.

Bed count:
Lodges 3-7: 5 Uppers and 5 Lowers
Cabin 8-10: 4 uppers and 4 lowers
Cabin B: 4 uppers and 4 lowers
Cabin E & G: 5 uppers and 7 Lowers
Cabin F: 4 Uppers and 8 lowers
Cabin J: 7 uppers and 8 lowers

Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Mistress Thalassia Hellenis and her Deputy Mistress Eva Inghean Alaxandair
Deputy Exchequer in charge of Paypal for the Kingdom of Trimaris
Society for Creative Anachronism,